Key Steps to Stop Regrettable Turnover in Your Sales Organization

Social selling is on the rise, but it has a flip side. Sales professionals that were previously known only in focused communities are developing their own brands and are more easily poached by recruiters. How do we promote social selling and prevent our top performers from being recruited out of our organization?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to encourage social selling while consistently tracking engagement signals at scale—especially in multi-layered teams
  • How to recognize when and where retention is a problem
  • The role of data science and analytics in separating noise from facts
  • How to establish a data model that works for your business
This webinar features Jon Jones, the Social Impact GM and Chief Investment Officer for GSVlabs as well as Darin Medeiros, VP of Sales from hiQ Labs.

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Identify Which Sales Reps Will Leave Next Quarter


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