Key Steps to Empower Your Data Driven Human Resources Strategy

Although HR has traditionally been viewed as a cost center in most organizations, that is rapidly changing. In today’s service-based economy, a company's human capital is its most strategic asset. That’s why the most advanced companies are making big investments in HR technology and advanced analytics to better understand the drivers of retention, performance, and engagement.

You'll hear from people analytics leaders within industry-leading companies and discover:

  • How HR leaders are using data to make a greater impact on employee retention​
  • What HR leaders can expect from business leaders in response to new insights into root causes of attrition, employee flight risk, and engagement drivers
  • How new advances in data science and analytics integrate with existing HR systems and processes​
This webinar features Steven Dunman from Comcast, Jeremy Welland, PhD from Pandora, and your host Michael Housman, PhD from hiQ Labs.

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How HR Is Using Data & Analytics to be a Predictive Business Partner


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